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Beginner's Corner


Welcome to FFSLures! and Finesse Lure Fishing.

Everyone started at the same point so we all know how daunting the selection and terminology can be.

In this section I'll try and make that transition as simple as possible.

Lure Colour Choice

With so many colour choices it can be difficult to select the right ones for you. 

Take too many and you will end up second guessing and spending more time choosing colours than fishing! 

Different water and light conditions will dictate what to rig up on the day. 

Use this handy guide to selecting colours and to stack the odds in your favour.

  • Dark

    • Coloured water

    • Low Light/Overcast 

  • Natural

    • Clear to Stained water​

    • Bright Conditions

  • Bright 

    • Coloured water​

    • When all else fails


As a starting point a great Combination of Colours to suit all conditions you may encounter would be:

  • Dark

    • Junebug

  • Natural

    • Green Pumpkin

    • Oh Yeah! Blue

  • Bright 

    • Bubblegum

These are staple colours in my own lure bag.



This is great method to start on and catches fish of all sizes. 

It is a way to fish a lure off the bottom.

Two simple ways I like to fish it are:

  • Cast to fish holding areas of the swim and work it in the strike zone by lowering the rod tip so the lure falls on a slack line and then lifting until you feel the weight.

  • Cast around the swim and drag the weight a foot or two along the bottom and pause the rig.  This leaves the lure in their faces after getting their attention and often triggering a bite on or just after the pause. 

Bites can be anything from a gentle movement of the line to a savage thump. 

Normally fished with a Fast/Ultra Fast action rod in a rod up position with Braid and a Fluorocarbon leader.

Check out this quick Fishing and Rigging video (click here)

Below is my Beginner Dropshot selection

Cheburashka Rig

Named after a 1970s Russian Animation due to the shape of the weight the Cheburashka (Cheb) Rig is a great alternative to a standard jig head.  It has the added advantage of not only being hinged so the lure has more movement but also you can easily change the size and type of hook to suit the size of the lure.

I like to fish the Cheb Rig when the bottom is clear and I use the lightest weight possible.

My starting retrieve style is:

  • Cast and let fall on a slack line. 

  • Leave on the bottom for a few seconds to allow any fish that may have watched it fall to bite. 

  • Drag the rig a few inches to a foot, either by moving the rod or small turns on the reel (normally a 1/4 turn is enough).

  • Pause

  • Repeat 

Bites normally occur around the pause but be prepared for anything different and set that hook.

Normally fished with a Fast Action rod to be able to control the lure easier with either Braid to a Fluorocarbon Leader or Fluorocarbon Main Line.

Check out this quick fishing and rigging video (click here)

Below is my Beginner Cheb Rig selection

Texas Rig

With just a hook and a bullet weight sliding on the line, this is probably the most simple bottom rigs but one of the most effective and, it's WEEDLESS!


I choose a Texas Rig over a Cheb Rig when there is debris on the bottom or in snaggy areas and I fish as light a weight as possible.

My starting retrieve is very similar to the one I use for the Cheb Rig:

  • Cast and let fall on a slack line.

  • Take up the slack but don't move the lure allowing any interested fish to bite after watching the lure fall through the water.

  • Lift or drag the lure with the rod, remember that any rod movement is greatly magnified at the lure so keep the rod movements very small.

  • Pause and repeat.

Expect the bite on the Pause and remember to set that hook!

Normally fished with a Fast or Moderate Fast action rod with either Braid to a Fluorocarbon Leader or Fluorocarbon Main Line.

Check out this quick fishing and rigging video (click here)

Below is my Beginner Texas Rig selection.

Hooks and Hook Sizes

Each Lure page has a "recommended hook size" chart for that particular Lure.

Hooks for a weedless presentation:

Hooks for an exposed hook presentation:

Hooks for Dropshot

For a quick reference download and print this chart

Hook Size Chart


Hopefully this helps you on your Finesse Lure Fishing Journey.

The retrieves described are my starting point but don't be afraid to mix it up a bit.  Each time you do something a little different that works is another one to add to the memory bank.


For more help and advice consider joining the FFSLures Facebook Group, a very friendly place to ask questions and share your successes.

Tight Lines


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